A cardboard box can contain a whole world, that of the Tuscan countryside, where the slow rhythms of those who work the land as in the past, produce the genuine raw materials from which products of the highest quality are made.

We have boxed all of this beautiful region’s flavors, aromas, and colors, indeed its very soul. As three Tuscan entrepreneurs, we have located for you the home-grown bounty produced by small, local companies (usually family-run with years of experience), by carefully selecting those offering the best of Tuscan food and wine.

Today we want to offer these products in a completely new and innovative way – namely, by “condensing” them into a cardboard cube. Upon opening it, you will have at home, or elsewhere, everything you need – including the simple instructions found in each box – to prepare in no time an authentic full-course Italian meal for you, your family, or friends.

When you enjoy it, you will not only appreciate its undeniable genuineness and quality, but you will also have the feeling of being there, in a setting of country living where tradition prevails. Everything follows the rhythm of the passing seasons with time measured by the long waits for the wheat or grapes to ripen for harvesting.

This original design uses flavor, rather than words, to impart local customs and traditions, a healthy way of eating properly, and, lastly, a way of life. Thus, our intent is to give you the best of Tuscan food packaged in an elegant box as well as to convey the true essence of our region and of Italy in general, with Tuscany as the most suitable representative for anyone who wants an introduction and to make it their own.