Millefiori honey

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Millefiori honey


250 gr


Honey produced by hand in the lands of Popiglio, in the first Pistoiese mountain.
The Vignaroli company produces and sells honey, pollen, royal jelly and all the products of the hive in total respect of the guardian bees of our land.

Nutritive properties

The beneficial properties of Millefiori Honey range from the nutritional aspect to that mainly linked to health, the secret lies in its particular composition.
Millefiori honey is rich in nutrients: being a special blend of different nectars and flowers, this variety of honey has all the beneficial substances derived from the various plants, a totally natural emulsion that gives energy and charge. Contains many antioxidants and mineral salts, is indicated for growing children and feeding athletes.
Excellent care for flu symptoms: being a natural antibacterial, millefiori honey helps cure coughs, sore throats and other infections that affect the respiratory system, also to the benefit of the lungs and digestive system. It helps to purify the body and the liver, as well as having diuretic functions.
Helps to treat irritations and insect bites: the antibacterial and lenitive function is useful also in this case, since it relieves the itching and burning caused by bites. Moreover, if used as a basic ingredient of a face mask, millefiori honey also helps prevent juvenile acne.
Nourishes skin and hair: used externally, millefiori honey can be a valuable ally for the care of the skin and hair, which will appear more nourished and luminous, as well as velvety and smooth to the touch.

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