Pinocchio’s cookies

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Pinocchio’s cookies




Pinocchio’s cookies, in reality, only saw the light a couple of years ago. The idea began with the observation that although the city of Pescia can boast the paternity of the most famous puppet in the world, it does not exploit its infinite potentials to the full. Right from here Rita Berti took the steps to inaugurate a whole line of cookies (the first official) dedicated to the most translated story in the world.

This is how the “Zecchini di Pinocchio”, the “Promesse del gatto e la fox”, the “Wedges of mastro Geppetto”, the “Baci della fata Turchina”, the “Bocconcini di Mangiafuoco” were born.

“Cookies do not evoke episodes and characters of Pinocchio at random,” he explained

Mrs. Berti – but they represent their salient characteristics. For example, the “Promises of the cat and the fox” appear great, but once in the mouth you realize how in reality they are light, almost inconsistent exactly like the promises of the false friends of Pinocchio

Nutritive properties

Cantucci have a high energy intake, supplied mainly by carbohydrates, followed by lipids and finally by proteins.
Fatty acids are predominantly unsaturated, complex carbohydrates (even if the ratio between starch and soluble sugars is almost 1: 1) and proteins with a medium biological value.
There is no detailed nutritional information on the intake of vitamins and minerals.
Cantucci are not foods suitable for frequent consumption and / or in significant portions. They are contraindicated above all for overweight subjects suffering from hyperglycemia or type 2 diabetes mellitus and hypertriglyceridemia.
For the gluten content, cantucci do not lend themselves to celiac disease.
They do not include milk and can be used to feed the lactose intolerant.
The cantucci are tolerated by the lacto-ovo vegetarian philosophy but not by the vegan philosophy.
Using them as a breakfast or snack food, the average portion is 4-5 pieces, corresponding to 20-25 g, ie 90-110 kcal.
To consult the recipe “alternative diet” proposed by Alice (without butter, then with less cholesterol, saturated fats and calories)

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