Pici in skein

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Pici in skein


500 gr


The pici are a type of handmade pasta, similar to spaghetti but wider, typical of southern Tuscany, especially in Val d’Orcia, in the Val di Chiana, on Monte Amiata, in the Province of Arezzo up to go to the neighboring province of Viterbo, where they are called umbrichelli. In some areas they are also called “lunghetti” which according to some are different due to the presence of eggs and to be spread on the pastry board instead of between the fingers [1].

The traditional recipe is simple: water, flour and salt [2], the eggs are not there otherwise it would be an egg pasta different as the tagliatelle. The preparation consists in “sticking”, that is, working the dough by hand (unlike the bigoli that are drawn to the press) to create a long and full-bodied spaghetti.

The classic condiments include “l’aglione” (a tomato sauce and “aglione” [3]), the rabbit liver sauce, the “nana” or “ocio” sauce, the meat sauce, or simply ” crumbs “(seasoned with crumbs of Tuscan bread sautéed in olive oil). There are variations to the condiment of all types: mushrooms, carbonara, with ragout based on game (wild boar and hare) or in many other ways, however, considered outside the tradition of Tuscany, as the cheese and pepper that is notoriously a recipe Roman.

Nutritive Properties

What is fresh pasta?

Fresh pasta is a food that is produced by kneading soft wheat flour or durum wheat semolina and water. Since the semolina gives the pasta a harder consistency than the flour, there are many recipes according to which it is possible to mix the flour and semolina in the same dough according to personal tastes. The mixture obtained is then processed in different shapes (tagliatelle, sfoglie, maltagliati, etc.). Since this paste is not dried, it contains a very high percentage of water and is therefore called “fresh pasta”. Using wholemeal flour or semolina you can make whole fresh pasta. The name “fresh pasta” also includes egg pasta (made by mixing eggs with soft wheat flour, durum wheat semolina or a mixture of both).

What are the nutritional properties?

100 grams of fresh pasta (cooked) bring about 124 calories and contain approximately:

69 g of water
4 g of protein
1 g of lipids
25 g of carbohydrates
74 mg of sodium
19 mg of potassium
1 mg of iron
6 mg of calcium
40 mg of phosphorus
14 mg of magnesium
0.3 mg of zinc
0.18 mg of vitamin B1 or thiamin
0.14 mg of vitamin B2 or riboflavin
1.3 mg of vitamin B3 or Niacin (or vitamin PP)
0.02 mg of vitamin B6
61 μg of vitamin B9 or folic acid

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