Ragu of Chianina

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Ragu of Chianina


180 gr


70% pork meat, mixed vegetables in variable proportions (shallots, celery, carrot, garlic) olive oil, pulp and tomato paste, wine, iodised salt, spices and aromatic herbs

Nutritive properties

Nutritional characteristics of the Chianina

Chianina meat is of high quality and appreciated all over the world both for its biological qualities, its low fats and cholesterol content.
Including a portion of meat in our diet is recommended in order to reach the necessary daily amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins.
Meat contains a large amount of proteins with a high biological value that contribute to the development, growth and nourishment of our body. The vitamins contained in our products are: B 1/B2/PP/B6/B 12 and some trace of vitamin A and D. Meat is rich of potassium and poor of sodium, it contains phosphorus and easily assimilated minerals such as zinc and iron.
Meat helps to treat anaemia, nervous breakdown, muscles over weariness, amnesia; prevents muscular weakness and intellectual fatigue.


In the table below you can find the nutritional values of Chianina

ProductProteinsFatStarch and sugarsCalories KcalCholesterol mg/100 g.
Light Veal21,33,1011365
CHIANINA VEAL22,51,2010150

Citation from: CARNECHIANINA.it

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