Sorana beans IGP 250 gr

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Sorana beans IGP


250 gr


The Sorana bean: an IGP product that is protected today because it is in danger of extinction.
It grows on the banks of the Pescia river, on a pebbly ground; it is a creeper that reaches 3 m in height, it is sown at the end of April and harvested at the end of August.
The presence of spring water makes it delicate to the palate and so easily digestible that it is also suitable for children and for those with gastrointestinal problems.
When Maestro Rossini was staying in Montecatini Terme, he had to pay for music lessons with the Sorana bean.

Nutritive Properties

It is advisable to put the beans, well washed, to soak for at least 12 hours before cooking, in very light water (source or mineral) and then drain, and cook them in cold water, at least 6-7 fingers above the level beans, with the addition of a drop of olive oil, a clove of garlic in a shirt, a sage leaf, no salt in cooking. Put on medium heat, make the boil stand out and lower the heat to a minimum, they must simmer slowly for about an hour and thirty minutes. Then turn off the stove and let it rest for at least half an hour before serving, warm and seasoned with a good olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper. They can also be boiled in the same water where they have been soaked, as long as the amount of water, as mentioned above, is respected. Today, as in the past, but with much more simplicity, they can be cooked at the Fiasco, which we recommend, by placing the flask directly on the stove with its flame spread.

The Sorana bean is a unique product, with a very thin, imperceptible skin and a unique, delicate flavor, with a light chestnut aftertaste that recalls our territory. We recommend for a long time, in order to savor it to the best, in its goodness, to taste the white plate of Sorana so natural, boiled as described above; Excellent also accompanied with fish, (dish of the past with crayfish), or even today with grilled cod, crustaceans, tuna bottarga, octopus, etc., or meat.

The other type Antico Rosso di Sorana, which has the same characteristics of white with respect to the thin skin but with a decidedly more flavorful taste, it is advisable to taste it with spelled soups, all’uccelletto con salsicce (classic Tuscan dish), frantoiana soup , but also simply seasoned with a good olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper, with a thinly cut red onion, and a good tuna.

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