Large box


Cube 2 – for up to 8 people

1 – Spread for crostini
1 – Olive Oil 0,75L
1 – Red wine DOC
1 – White wine DOC
1 – Ragù sauce
2 – Truffle Pasta
2 – Pici (thick, hand-rolled long pasta)
1 – Salamella (horseshoe-shaped salami)
1 – Sorana beans 500 gr
2 – Biscotti cantucci from Collodi
1 – Honey
1 – Lard


Some red wine to wet your whistle and the sharp taste of the spread for crostini will get the ball rolling. Meanwhile the water is slowly boiling on the stove, as the pasta waits for its close encounter of the ragù kind. Next are the creamy yet delicate Sorana beans that go together well with the distinctively flavored salami. Finally, closes with the sweet biscotti cantucci from Collodi and honey.


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