Small box


Cube 1 – for 4-6 people

1 – Salamella (horseshoe-shaped salami)
1 – Ragù sauce
1 – Foglia d’olivo pasta (handmade pasta shaped like olive leaves)
1 – Pici (thick, hand-rolled long pasta)
1 – Sorana beans 250 gr
1 – Olive oil 0,75 L
1 – Red wine DOC
1 – White wine DOC
1 – Biscotti cantucci from Collodi


The palate kicks off with the tasty Tuscan salami, perhaps cut into thick slices. In the meantime, pour a nice glass of red wine while the pot of slow boiling water stands ready on the stove, just waiting for the artisanal pasta, to be topped with the tasty meat sauce. The next “stop” will be the delicate Sorana beans, drizzled with a golden olive oil. For a sweet finish, there are the Cantucci biscotti from Collodi.


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