Tuscan crostini

Tuscan crostini

Ingredients for Tuscan Crostini

Chicken livers 250 g
Vin Santo 100 ml
Chicken broth 200 ml
Capers 20 g
Tuscan bread 6 slices
Sage 5 leaves
Anchovies 3 fillets
Onions 1/2
Extra virgin olive oil 20 g
Salt How much is enough
Pepe How much is enough
Butter 10 g

How to prepare the Tuscan Crostini

The Tuscan crostini with chicken liver pâté are a typical recipe of traditional Tuscan cuisine, of which they represent the best known appetizer. They are also known as black croutons and, like many recipes of peasant origin, are subject to numerous versions and interpretations. Their preparation included the use of the poor parts of the chicken as the liver. You can find variants with the addition of veal spleen, others include the use of celery, carrot and parsley chopped together with onion. Those who prefer a less strong taste can add other parts of the chicken. The vin santo, a typical Tuscan liqueur wine used to blend the livers, can be replaced by dry white wine but there are also those who use the red one, the dry marsala, the cognac or the brandy. Also on bread there are different consumption methods. At one time the Tuscan crostini were prepared two or three times a month with hard bread. For this reason the croutons were dipped in broth or vin santo before being consumed and even today someone observes this custom.

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