These easy-to-make dishes using the products contained in the cubes use simple procedures, and the perfect Tuscan meal, from appetizer to dessert, can be served –leaving your guests with their mouths agape!

Al fiasco beans | TUSCANY3

Al fiasco beans

Ingredients for Fagioli al fiasco Ingredienti per 4 persone 300 gr fagioli cannellini secchi 1 ciuffo salvia fresca 1 spicchio… Read the full recipe

Bruschetta with oil | TUSCANY3

Bruschetta with oil

Ingredients for the Bruschetta with oil 4 slices of homemade bread 2 cloves of garlic extra virgin olive oil (4-5… Read the full recipe

Cake of Cantucci | TUSCANY3

Cake of Cantucci

Ingredients for the Cantucci cake Dosi per una torta di 28cm di diametro: Per la base di cantucci: 500g di… Read the full recipe

Pici with Tuscan sauce | TUSCANY3

Pici with Tuscan sauce

Ingredients for the Pici with Tuscan sauce 450 gr of fresh pici 300 gr of minced beef 1 teaspoon of… Read the full recipe

Tuscan crostini | TUSCANY3

Tuscan crostini

Ingredients for Tuscan Crostini Chicken livers 250 g Vin Santo 100 ml Chicken broth 200 ml Capers 20 g Tuscan… Read the full recipe